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Unemployment Hearings

Unemployment Issues

Have you been denied unemployment benefits?  If so, call the NDB Law Firm to schedule a free and confidential telephone consultation with an experienced Pittsburgh employment attorney today. The NDB Law Firm can represent you at your unemployment hearing for an affordable flat fee. To maximize your chances of obtaining unemployment benefits, it is best if you call the Firm before you have an Unemployment Hearing before a Referee. As soon as you receive your “Notice of Hearing,” you should obtain legal representation immediately to ensure that your attorney has adequate time to prepare for your hearing.

The NDB Law Firm charges reasonable fees for representation at Unemployment Referee hearings. You will generally be charged a one-time, upfront flat fee for representation at your Unemployment Referee Hearing (credit card payments are accepted). In addition, in some cases, the Firm may even be able to represent you at an Unemployment Referee Hearing on a contingency basis – i.e., in the event that the Firm decides to accept your unemployment case on a contingency basis, you would owe a reduced fee up front, then, if you prevail at the hearing, you would owe the Firm an additional fee, thereby enabling individuals who otherwise would not be able to afford representation to be represented at their Unemployment Referee Hearing.

If you have already had your Unemployment Referee hearing and lost, the NDB Law Firm can determine if you have a viable appeal. Please note that if you wait too long before obtaining legal representation, the appeal period may expire, in which case there would likely be nothing the NDB Law Firm (or any other law firm) can do for you.  Generally, the best way to maximize your chances of obtaining unemployment benefits is to retain legal representation before your Unemployment Referee Hearing.  Unfortunately, some prospective clients wait until after they lose their Unemployment Referee Hearing to call, in which case, sometimes the case has a chance to be salvaged on appeal, but sometimes it is too late and nothing can be done.  

If you have received an Unemployment Referee Hearing Notice, don’t delay – call the NDB Law Firm today at 412-301-2444 for a free and confidential telephone consultation with a Pittsburgh Employment Attorney.

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